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Agenda at-a-Glance

7/10 (Mon) 7/11 (Tue) 7/12 (Wed)
  09:00-09:10 Opening 09:00-09:50 Keynote Speech
Prof. S.-Y. Huang, NTHU, Taiwan
"Eye in the Sky
-- Health Condition Monitoring for IoT Devices in the Field"
Chair: Prof. Jin-Fu Li, NCU
09:10-10:00 Keynote Speech
Prof. Seiji Kajihara, KyuTech, Japan
"Right Power Testing for Scan-Based BIST
 and Its Evaluation with TEG Chips"

Chair: Prof. Shyue-Kung Lu, NTUST
09:50-10:10 Break
10:00-10:50 Invited Talk
Director C.F. Wu, RealTek, Taiwan
Decision Making for Complex SoCs"
Chair: Prof. Chih-Tsun Huang, NTHU
10:10-11:30 Academic-Industrial Panel
Chair: Charles H.-P. Wen, NCTU
"The Trends and Challenges of Automotive Test and Reliability"

Dr.  Cheng-Foo Chen, Cubelec

Dr. Harry Chen, Mediatek

Dr. Ying-Yen Chen, Realtek

Prof. Jing-Jou Tang, STUST

Dr. Ting-Pu Tai, Mentor Graphics

Prof. Syng-Jyan Wang, NCHU

10:50-11:10 Break 11:30-11:40 Best Paper Award
Program Chair: Prof. S.-M. Li, NSYSU
11:10-12:10 Paper Session 1
Clock Test/Synthesis and Debug/Verification
Chair: Prof. Ching-Hwa Cheng, FCU
11:40-12:00 Lunch Box & Farewell
12:10-14:00 Registration & Reception (Hostel)
Lunch (Oriental, Lalu)
12:10-13:30 Lunch (Oriental, Lalu)  
14:00-15:30 Tutorial 1
Chair: Prof. S.-M. Li, NSYSU
Lecturer: Prof. Gang Qu, UMD, US
"Challenges about Hardware Security"
The 3rd VTTF 2017
Technical Session
Prof. T.-C. Huang, NCUE
13:30-14:15 Paper Session 2
Memory Test and Repair
Chair: Prof. Jing-Jia Liou, NTHU
14:20-15:20 Paper Session 3
Error Detection and Correction
Chair: Prof. Chun-Lung Hsu, ITRI
15:30-16:00 Break & Check-in 15:20-16:00 Poster Session & Break
Chair: Prof. Yingchieh Ho, NDHU
16:00-17:30 Tutorial 2
Chair: Prof. S.-M. Li, NSYSU
Lecturer: Prof. Charles H.-P. Wen, NCTU
"Study on Soft Error Rate (SER):
Past, Present, and Future
The 3rd VTTF 2017
Prof. T.-C. Huang, NCUE
16:00-16:45 Paper Session 4
Scan Test and FPGA Formatter
Chair: Prof. Jwu-E Chen, NCU
17:30-18:00 Break & Check-in 16:50-17:50 Paper Session 5
Chair: Prof. Soon-Jyh Chang
18:00-20:00 Reception (Lake-view, Lalu) 18:00-20:00 Banquet (Hostel)
  20:00-21:30 Review Meeting
Chair: Prof. Meng-Leih Sheu



With the advent of new FinFET transistors, multi-die integration technologies, and various new applications such as automotive electronics, biomedical electronics, and Internet of Things (IoT), there are various emerging challenges in VLSI Test Technology, which is critical not just to ensure the quality of an electronic device, but also its reliability, security, and safety in the field. To cope with these new challenges, the VLSI Test Technology Workshop (VTTW) provides an open forum for researchers and industrial practitioners to brainstorm innovative ideas on solving various testing related problems, including design-for-testability, diagnosis, repair/yield learning, online testing and reliability enhancement techniques, etc.